Make Your Own Almond Milk

Make Your Own Almond Milk

I drink almond milk because I can not tolerate whole, soy or rice milk. When I buy almond milk there are so many other things added (like cane juice....thats sugar and sugar feeds candida) that it gets my Candida acting up. So I make my own Almond Milk and it is working out very well.

Below are directions on how you can make your own.

Soak your almonds overnight, or at least 4-8 hours. I usually soak mine about 12 hours.

Empty off the water you soaked the almonds in and pour 4 cups of fresh water into blender along with the soaked almonds.

Here it is blending away. I set my blender on ice chop and it does a nice job.

Now you need to strain it. I use this little strainer that is fine mesh in the bottom.

This is what is left after straining the milk throught the mesh screen. You can use this to make cookies, cakes....I am still trying to find other uses for it. I will post some recipes when I get a chance.

Looks like milk doesn't it? If you like yours strained more, you can use a cheese cloth or a nut bag.

Original Recipe

1 Cup Almonds
4 Cups Water

Let Almonds Soak overnight or for at least 4 to 12 hours before blending. Blend and strain through a mesh screen or cheesecloth. You can also add vanilla and a sweetner to this. I do not sweeten mine with anything.

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