Lemon Spritzer

With candida, I can never find a lot to drink when we go out with friends or for that matter whenever we go out. So, I order club soda with a lemon. Now, with the  Liquid Lemon Stevia I can make myself a very tasty drink. It is like a treat for me.

When I was on the cruise with my sisters, every day I would order a large bottle of sparkling water and we would put the Vanilla Stevia in it. Now, I can have a choice of Vanilla, Lemon or Orange flavored sparkling drinks.

This tastes so refreshing. I am going to make myself some iced tea and use it in that also.

Lemon Spritzer

2/3 Glass Club Soda or Sparkling Water

8 to 10 Drops Pure Liquid Lemon Stevia Liquid

1 lemon slice for garnish

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