Tomato Pie Revised

I have been wanting to try Tomato Pie, but a healthier version than what you normally find.   Most recipes are not at all even a little alkaline with all the cheese they use. 

Tomato Pie
1/2  Recipe For Whole Wheat Pie Crust
2 to 3 Large Tomatoes
Fresh Basil
Fresh Garlic
Sprinkling of salt
Just a little mozzarella cheese

Peel and slice tomatoes then drain on a paper towel.
Layer Tomatoes into the prepared pie crust
Sprinkle Tomatoes with a little salt, the garlic and cut basil.
Top with just a sprinkling of mozarella cheese

Bake at 400* for 25 to 30 Minutes

This is my Husband version of Tomato Pie.  I used the other half of the pie crust for his.
Lots of Cheese and it also has mayonnaise in it.

I can tell you, his sure did smell good cooking, much better than mine did, but hey!!  Mine is healthier so I am happy.

To make the unhealthy version, do everything I did above except the Mozarella cheese....  mix together

1 Cup Mayonnaise
1 Cup Sharp Cheddar Cheese
1/2 Cup cooked bacon
Spoon the above mixture on top the tomatoes
Bake at 400* for 25 to 30 Minutes

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