Make Your Own Nut Butter

Make Your Own Nut Butter

It is sure not cheap to eat fact it is down right expensive.

When I buy almond butter, It is at least $10.00 a jar. Sometimes I can get it for less, if I can find it on sale but for the most part it is around $10.

I decided I was going to try and make my own. I will tell you step by step and then I will have the recipe at the end.

First off, put your almonds on a ungreased cookie sheet and bake. I bake them at 390 degrees for 5-10 minutes watching them closely.

My food processer is in Pennsylvania and I am in Florida right now so I am using a blender. If you use a blender, you will probably be able to only do a few nuts
at a time.

I get all the nuts chopped after they are finished in the oven. They seem to chop much better baked than raw.

After all your nuts are chopped, you will probably need to use some oil to make them turn to nut butter. I use the cold pressed safflower oil that you see in the picture below. If you don't have the cold pressed, I am sure any oil will work. My sister uses coconut oil and it turns out very well.

Mix the nuts adding oil a little at a time and then add more nuts as you go so you don't bog your blender down.

Here is my ALMOND BUTTER (it looks a little light in the picture, but it isn't. I made my Hubs Pecan Butter and he loves it. I am going to try Walnut Butter next.

Nut Butter

2 Cups Desired Nuts
Roast at 390 degrees (watch these carefully so they don't burn) Bake stirring about 8 minutes or less.

Put into a Blender or food processor and process until they are chopped fine and start to ball together (If you use a blender, don't worry about them balling will need to chop all the nuts first a few at a time). You can add a little oil (one teaspoon at a time) if you think it needs it ( In a blender it will need the oil). I use cold pressed safflower oil.

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