Tomato Soup From Fresh Tomatoes

My Husband loves tomato soup, even the canned soup, but he really loves this fresh Tomato Soup.   It is so easy to make and you really don't need a recipe.

We have lots of tomatoes this year and I had no idea what to do with them.  That is why we decided to make soup.

All you need to do is juice your tomatoes.  If you don't have a juicer, use your blender
Put the juice into a sauce pan.
Add basil, garlic, onion, salt and some pepper if you want.
Boil it down until it is the thickness you like
You may want to put it through your blender again, but I don't... I just eat it the way it is.
You can add cream if you want, but cream is not alkaline.  If I add anything it is almond milk

That all you need to do.  You can use this to make sauce for spaghetti also. 

So Delishious!!

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