Kale Juice

I was in the health food store talking to the owner about Candida, a woman over heard me and came up and said.. I had Candida, would you like to know how I cured it? Of course, I said I certainly did. She told me she made kale juice and drank it every day for 2 weeks. She said no matter where she went she took her kale juice. I am not sure if she was on a special diet but I decided since I am on a special diet, the kale juice can only help.

I went to the store and bought kale and made my juice.
I only used a couple handfulls of chopped kale and then filled the blender with water.
There it is...chopping away.
Cheers Everyone!!!

Now, this is the worst tasting stuff you ever want to try but believe me....It does work, I can feel the acid in my esophagus getting better every day. I am on my 6th day and am going to try it for 2 weeks. I may go longer, depending on how I feel and I may just drink it off and on to keep my body more alkaline.

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