Homemade Peppermint Lemon Tea

When trying to stay on an alkaline diet, it is hard to find things to drink.   I happen to have a small herb garden on my back porch.  I have peppermint growing and it is doing wonderful.   I decided it would be nice to try my own peppermint tea.

To make this, all you need to do is brew a large handfull of peppermint in a couple cups of water.
I simmer them for a short time.  Cool and add a dash of lemon.  Sweeten to taste

I served this at a small luncheon and got many people wanting to know how I made it.


NEgirlygirl said...

I love using my fresh peppermint in tea. I haven't tried it with lemon but will.

TrendyFashionista2 said...

I am thinking I need to go make me a cup of tea.