How To Dry Your Own Pumpkin Seeds

My Hubs loves Pumpkin Seeds and since I bought 4 Pie Pumpkins, I have a lot of seeds to make him.

All I do is cut the pumpkin in half, scoop out the seeds into a strainer.  Wash them well and let them drain for awhile to get the water off.

 Then I put them on a cookie sheet, put some olive oil on them and bake them.   I spread the olive oil around with my hands so it covers the seeds.

Salt the seeds after you get the olive oil spread around on them.

I bake at 350* because my Hubs likes them crispy.  

You have to watch they don't get too dark because they will taste burnt.

My Hubs likes them dark so that is how he gets them.   Me, I would rather have them lighter.

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